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A society of strange people

(Society of Strange People)
Columnist Mir Asif Shah People who dream, nurture curiosity, and bring a routine to fulfill it. There is a society of strange people who do not do anything on their own and do not accept any big step and do not allow heroes to be born. Even heroes like Sadpara Sahib have been criticized in muffled words. Let me mention just one aspect of this “waste” that I have inserted. At least 60 foreigners are taking part in this campaign, out of which three have lost their lives and these three are missing K2 and the like. To climb other peaks like Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, etc., one has to get a permit from the government of Pakistan, the fee of which is in lakhs. This fee comes in the form of foreign remittances to the treasury of this poor country. For your country, this foreign remittance has the status of oxygen. Such climbers have tens of millions of followers on social media. When such campaigns are under progress, Pakistan discs are in the media all over the world. A positive perception in the world. How many people are inspired by them, they turn to Pakistan, which in turn increases tourism and national income. What a positive image of Pakistan because of this step of heroes like Sadpara. How much did that man give to this country by risking his life? How many people will come to see these peaks in the future? May Allah protect Sadpara Sahib. As a nation, we are indebted to them. Gentlemen, the economy is now very modern. It has gone far beyond selling bread, cloth, spices
Brand perception is very important in today’s world. The world brands its heroes. Only one Sachin Tendulkar’s career has changed cricket in India. Filled the Indians with confidence. It is difficult to calculate how much national income India generated on the tail of cricket. Has any Indian complained that what was the use of Tendulkar’s centuries? Tendulkar did not risk his life, Sadpara Sahib did. We don’t even know how they are. By the way, this nation is not producing heroes. Everyone is engaged in their routine life. Learn to value your heroes. Let me explain one more thing. Appreciate human curiosity. Try to create a society where a man loses his curiosity for a purpose or an apparent purpose. Invest your time behind it. The Wright brothers built the first ship with their flying dreams and curiosity and in an effort to fulfill their passion.

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