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Qoum Aad

Written by Hafiz Mohammad Noman
Title: Nation

Ad a nation that was a powerful 40 hand as height, age 800 to 900 years are old we are sick not to tooth break rather weak to live young, vigorous that he was coming to death was and does not just death did they by the Almighty sent Prophet Hud (as) he invited a God warned him of God, he said:

O Hud! Our gods have spoiled your wisdom is going to read your voluntary would not draw us, Tok What you say will leave his father to walk your valued bad sense to go to work. You say we go hungry and die if they witness injustice and sin of shirk storm arrogance and pride they befuddle.

Is there anyone more powerful than us? Who are you scaring us with? Allah sent a famine hungry whole-grain devoured wealth devoured cattle were forbidden cushy dog cat devoured a snake devoured trees dropped their leaves are eaten appetite soil no rain to grow corn, not a drop fell Hui Then fed back to a delegation from al-sent misfortune was his custom, he exclaims to the top when it becomes far seem to worship their idols Baitullah’s delegation and said, pray to God for us that rain upon their idols for that Baitullah delegation and our God to pray that the rain showered the 3 cloud presents Black white red he said the choice of one of them, do they consult among themselves the verse has been in the red may be white blank water black does the black ask God said, I send back to the cloud, they happily returned all the people who gathered in a field a cloud They danced that now it would rain and the famine would end Will you get food? Did you know that it is not rain but the torment of Allah which you used to say to Hud: Bring it! The cloud that scares us was so strong that the one who picked them up blew up their houses 60 feet tall and people were flying like straws. The wind hit their heads so hard. to go out and sent them hooked on his face broke into some people fled the cave that can not be found here, but my Lord’s remains may order comes into the whirlwind of the Mark cave and would throw them out Allah said, ” Is there any fruit left? ” Allah destroyed them and showed them that when you disobey Allah and His Messenger Allah will send upon you a chastisement from a place from which you will not be able to think. and we’ve not challenged their disobedience to God, repent fear Allah read the Quran are the sins which we consider minor sins of the whole nation on earth Bose astaghfirullah Rabbi praise from all sin and tub addressee.

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