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Manarti Wing

Writing Dilawar Gulzar Gul

President Minority Wing Pakistan Muslim League Functional District Korangi. The Al Noor Society. and Zia Colony in Sector 32A, Korangi District, which is made up of Muslim and Christian communities, has become a pile of dirt and filth due to the negligence of the staff of the local Water and Sewerage Board.

The area has about 2,500 houses and a population of 15,000 to 20,000.

The tragedy for the residents of this area is that the streets are not paved and there are no
lines to maintain the sewerage system and there are no manholes to keep the sewerage
system running in the area and if there are manholes somewhere. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Dirty water from houses keeps flowing in the streets And gathers in an open space and presents the view of the pond. Often, innocent and minor people, if they fall by mistake, do not even know it and become victims of death. Often in the rainy season, rainwater seeps into homes through the streets, causing severe distress to residents and the spread of epidemic diseases in the area.

The point to note is that this densely populated population is made up of working professionals who
support their families on a daily basis and are living a life of extreme depression.

Mosques of the Muslim community living in the area and the main doors and streets and alleys of the Christian community worship church District Korangi officials are also seen involved in billions of rupees of corruption, the alleged corruption cases of which appear in respectable courts. Recently, in the light of the orders issued by the Honorable President of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional District, Korangi, Mr. Tanveer Chaudhry, the people of Al- Noor Society and Zia Colony have lodged a written complaint regarding

Due to the presence of piles of dirt and filth in various places and the accumulation of dirty water, the way to come and go has also become limited.

It is a matter of great surprise and condemnation that the officers and staff of the Water and Sewerage Board in District Korangi are on duty at all times and receive their salaries every month from the institution but the regional issues are far from their sight. On to offer the basic problems of residents if the current Pakistan People’s Party government unable to focus not just look, day newspaper headlines their crash stories rather covers are limited so it is far District present Korangi The bureaucracy also did not lag behind the Sindh government.

The current unfavorable conditions and filth in the area He conducted a detailed survey of the area and met the residents of the area and assured them that every effort would be made to resolve the issues by meeting the local administration soon. Very sorry for the presence of dirt and garbage piles in the area and the presence of dirty and smelly water and poor sanitation management. Expressed and also took pictures of the area, which are a reflection of the above text.

Milk became expensive again

News Karachi
Milk has become more expensive once again.
The price of milk in Karachi has been increased by Rs 10 to Rs 130 per kg … while Commissioner Karachi has fixed the official price of milk at Rs 94.

Who is responsible for this self-inflicted inflation?

Federal Government “Sindh Government” Commissioner Karachi ??

Milk is being sold at Rs 130 in several areas of Shar-e-Quaid. Commissioner Karachi’s announcement to sell milk at Rs 94 per liter is proving to be only verbal. In practice, it is not being implemented. Commissioner Karachi and his team seem to have completely failed to implement it.

Where are the Price / Price Control Committees under Commissioner Karachi and what are they doing ??
Why the price list issued by Commissioner Karachi’s office is not displayed in any shop in the city ??
Did the people start taking extortion money from the shops that take their salaries from taxes ??
The price of the price list issued by Commissioner Karachi is Rs. 2 which is given at Rs. 10 in the shops. A shopkeeper came to know that in the list of Rs. 2 it is said that you should not display this list in the shop. Just 2 rupees to 10 rupees dyn..yun shopkeeper official rate does not list a price list of goods shop receives a higher price on goods sold at the arbitrary price than the official rate.

if people tell How to avoid this self-inflicted inflation?

A society of strange people

(Society of Strange People)
Columnist Mir Asif Shah People who dream, nurture curiosity, and bring a routine to fulfill it. There is a society of strange people who do not do anything on their own and do not accept any big step and do not allow heroes to be born. Even heroes like Sadpara Sahib have been criticized in muffled words. Let me mention just one aspect of this “waste” that I have inserted. At least 60 foreigners are taking part in this campaign, out of which three have lost their lives and these three are missing K2 and the like. To climb other peaks like Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, etc., one has to get a permit from the government of Pakistan, the fee of which is in lakhs. This fee comes in the form of foreign remittances to the treasury of this poor country. For your country, this foreign remittance has the status of oxygen. Such climbers have tens of millions of followers on social media. When such campaigns are under progress, Pakistan discs are in the media all over the world. A positive perception in the world. How many people are inspired by them, they turn to Pakistan, which in turn increases tourism and national income. What a positive image of Pakistan because of this step of heroes like Sadpara. How much did that man give to this country by risking his life? How many people will come to see these peaks in the future? May Allah protect Sadpara Sahib. As a nation, we are indebted to them. Gentlemen, the economy is now very modern. It has gone far beyond selling bread, cloth, spices
Brand perception is very important in today’s world. The world brands its heroes. Only one Sachin Tendulkar’s career has changed cricket in India. Filled the Indians with confidence. It is difficult to calculate how much national income India generated on the tail of cricket. Has any Indian complained that what was the use of Tendulkar’s centuries? Tendulkar did not risk his life, Sadpara Sahib did. We don’t even know how they are. By the way, this nation is not producing heroes. Everyone is engaged in their routine life. Learn to value your heroes. Let me explain one more thing. Appreciate human curiosity. Try to create a society where a man loses his curiosity for a purpose or an apparent purpose. Invest your time behind it. The Wright brothers built the first ship with their flying dreams and curiosity and in an effort to fulfill their passion.

The voice of conscience

Written and analyzed by Liaqat

The voice of conscience

Everyone has raised the dignity of a woman by setting up her own court. Doesn’t the one on the throne see all this? If he sets up a court, then all measures will fail.

Does any writer have proof that the police officers were captives of his henchmen? The police were blackmailed by making allegations against the senior police officers. He should be investigated.

If anyone has any proof, they should bring it to the notice of the senior police officers and inquire as to who is the real mastermind of the game.

Whoever made a mistake was punished, but where is the honor? Who has the proof? Are the words uttered for senior police officers correct?

No law-abiding citizen can support illegal work, but the way the issue is being raised, again and again, isn’t it someone’s personal order?

An FIR was registered under the Terrorism Act against a woman for soliciting her share.

Then it was necessary to write down the nature of the relationship of the top police officers with him. Who was behind the immorality of the top police officers should be investigated?

As well as scattering the headlines of journalism, one should take notice of the immorality of senior police officers. Does anyone have any proof?

What was the purpose of making this news an adornment of newsgroups, again and again, to discredit journalism or to appease the personal soul?

Does our religion allow someone’s sister or daughter to be associated with someone like this?

The way Sania Shah Rukh was repeatedly made a spectacle, along with journalism, the role of senior police officers who wrote or shared whether they have any evidence that those police officers were captives of her hair is a great shame. It is said that a woman’s honor was buried in this way

What is the guarantee that there is no corruption or extortion of any kind in the police station where the FIR was registered?

His access to senior police officers is not a bad thing. Every journalist can meet any police officer at any time. The reason why journalists become fake only after the FIR is lodged.

What is happening in police stations across Karachi, from a wheelbarrow dealer to a liquor store shop, everyone knows who takes extortion and why no cases are registered under the Terrorism Act.

Whenever a journalist is caught, he is disgraced and faces disgrace. Our own people have a big role to play in this. The day the journalists became one and we started fulfilling our duty as the fourth pillar of this country. So no one can point a finger at us

If any law enforcement agency recovers on its own, no one will dare to blackmail anyone. The roots of evils are some corrupt government black sheep.

If everyone speaks the truth knowing Allah is present and visible, then the servant should start correcting himself instead of pointing a finger at anyone.

The way a woman’s honor has been repeatedly raised, where is the justice when an FIR has been registered against her? Then it is not a good thing to tarnish her honor.

She will also be someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, someone’s daughter-in-law, someone’s spouse. What will happen to this family when we shoot arrows of inappropriate words?

Everybody knows who is doing what, where the police are making money from, how much beat or extortion of which police station, but the way this woman was punished by the court of her choice Don’t release it, to which no one will have the answer. If anyone has any concrete evidence of high-ranking police officers, he should present it, otherwise, this policy is also ours. He also has many sacrifices, not all of them are bad.

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