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Writing Dilawar Gulzar Gul

President Minority Wing Pakistan Muslim League Functional District Korangi. The Al Noor Society. and Zia Colony in Sector 32A, Korangi District, which is made up of Muslim and Christian communities, has become a pile of dirt and filth due to the negligence of the staff of the local Water and Sewerage Board.

The area has about 2,500 houses and a population of 15,000 to 20,000.

The tragedy for the residents of this area is that the streets are not paved and there are no
lines to maintain the sewerage system and there are no manholes to keep the sewerage
system running in the area and if there are manholes somewhere. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Dirty water from houses keeps flowing in the streets And gathers in an open space and presents the view of the pond. Often, innocent and minor people, if they fall by mistake, do not even know it and become victims of death. Often in the rainy season, rainwater seeps into homes through the streets, causing severe distress to residents and the spread of epidemic diseases in the area.

The point to note is that this densely populated population is made up of working professionals who
support their families on a daily basis and are living a life of extreme depression.

Mosques of the Muslim community living in the area and the main doors and streets and alleys of the Christian community worship church District Korangi officials are also seen involved in billions of rupees of corruption, the alleged corruption cases of which appear in respectable courts. Recently, in the light of the orders issued by the Honorable President of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional District, Korangi, Mr. Tanveer Chaudhry, the people of Al- Noor Society and Zia Colony have lodged a written complaint regarding

Due to the presence of piles of dirt and filth in various places and the accumulation of dirty water, the way to come and go has also become limited.

It is a matter of great surprise and condemnation that the officers and staff of the Water and Sewerage Board in District Korangi are on duty at all times and receive their salaries every month from the institution but the regional issues are far from their sight. On to offer the basic problems of residents if the current Pakistan People’s Party government unable to focus not just look, day newspaper headlines their crash stories rather covers are limited so it is far District present Korangi The bureaucracy also did not lag behind the Sindh government.

The current unfavorable conditions and filth in the area He conducted a detailed survey of the area and met the residents of the area and assured them that every effort would be made to resolve the issues by meeting the local administration soon. Very sorry for the presence of dirt and garbage piles in the area and the presence of dirty and smelly water and poor sanitation management. Expressed and also took pictures of the area, which are a reflection of the above text.

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