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Milk became expensive again

News Karachi
Milk has become more expensive once again.
The price of milk in Karachi has been increased by Rs 10 to Rs 130 per kg … while Commissioner Karachi has fixed the official price of milk at Rs 94.

Who is responsible for this self-inflicted inflation?

Federal Government “Sindh Government” Commissioner Karachi ??

Milk is being sold at Rs 130 in several areas of Shar-e-Quaid. Commissioner Karachi’s announcement to sell milk at Rs 94 per liter is proving to be only verbal. In practice, it is not being implemented. Commissioner Karachi and his team seem to have completely failed to implement it.

Where are the Price / Price Control Committees under Commissioner Karachi and what are they doing ??
Why the price list issued by Commissioner Karachi’s office is not displayed in any shop in the city ??
Did the people start taking extortion money from the shops that take their salaries from taxes ??
The price of the price list issued by Commissioner Karachi is Rs. 2 which is given at Rs. 10 in the shops. A shopkeeper came to know that in the list of Rs. 2 it is said that you should not display this list in the shop. Just 2 rupees to 10 rupees dyn..yun shopkeeper official rate does not list a price list of goods shop receives a higher price on goods sold at the arbitrary price than the official rate.

if people tell How to avoid this self-inflicted inflation?

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