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Kashmir Ki Ahmiat or aazadi

This is what every servant thinks.

Musalman Puri Zindagi

Written by

Chief Reporter Muhammad Asif Khan

When a Muslim spends his whole life in trials given by Allah Almighty and suddenly intensifies these trials, then understand that Allah has begun to be merciful to His servant. I want to see if my servant perseveres in this last hour of trial and not and my servant is not turning away from the path of truth in this last hour of trial.

The intensity of oppression on the land of Kashmir is proof that soon the sun of freedom is about to rise on my Kashmir paradise by Allah Almighty. And God willing, the game of blood that Modi started in Janat Nazeer Kashmir Valley. Soon the whole of India will pay the price for this bloody game.
The tyranny and barbarism that Modi started in Kashmir, God willing, will soon be bloodied with the holy blood of Kashmiris.

Modi’s fire in Kashmir is now slowly spreading across India.
Now the whole world is talking about the atrocities of Hindus.
The Sikh farmer is just an excuse. In fact, to pay the price for Modi’s barbarism, Allah is setting the stage of destruction in the ranks of Hindus.

The sighs and cries of my oppressed Kashmiri brothers and sisters are coming twice as fast to smash the Hindus. The sacrifices of my Kashmiri martyrs have paved the way for dismemberment from Assam to Nagaland, from Maharashtra to Khalistan.

O my brave brothers, sisters, children and elders of Kashmir, just do not deviate from the path of truth, O people of my Kashmir, never despair of Allah, O my brave Kashmiris, never be disappointed by these trials of Allah that now The time has come, these black clouds of oppression and these stormy winds of trials are just a guest for a few moments. Just be steadfast that inshallah the sun of freedom is about to rise very soon.

That the oppressor will soon be reduced to ashes by the fire of his oppression.
Just hope from Allah that Allah, Who brought these trials upon us, will turn these trials into happiness with one of His insha’Allah.

I implore all the Muslims of Pakistan to forget their slips and their enmities and become one voice for the sake of the brave brothers and sisters of Janat Nazeer Kashmir Valley.

Oh my God, Wadi Kush Mir, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, in order to protect and facilitate all my oppressed Muslim brothers and sisters. Verily, you are the Best Protector and the Most Merciful. Ameen.

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