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Pakistan Day

(Columnist Syed Afaq Jamal)

March 23 is a historic day

Pakistan Day

This is a very important day in the history of Pakistan. that day. That is, the Pakistan Resolution was introduced on March 23, 1940. The Pakistan Resolution on the basis of which the Muslim League had launched a movement for a separate Muslim homeland in the subcontinent and succeeded in getting its demand approved after seven years. The demand emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. March 23 is a public holiday throughout Pakistan.
March 23 has a special significance in the history of Pakistan. On this day, the only representative party of the Muslims of the subcontinent (Muslim League) under the enthusiastic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali in its 27th Annual Meeting (held in Lahore) demanded the establishment of an independent and sovereign state to protect the rights of Muslims. ۔

The Pakistan Resolution is in fact the demand that has emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and this day of March 23 reminds the people of Pakistan every year of the same spirit that led to the establishment of Pakistan. March 23, 1940, is a golden day in the history of the Muslims of Pakistan and the subcontinent. March 23 is a day of
appointing speeches and events only. No, in practice, it is a day to renew our commitment to work for the strength and stability of the beloved homeland.

Significance of March 23, 1940

* Written by Malik Afzal *

Significance of March 23, 1940

March 23, 1940, is a very important day in the history of the Indian subcontinent. On this day, the Muslim League, the only representative party of the Muslims of the subcontinent, at its 27th annual meeting (held in Lahore) under the enthusiastic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, called for the establishment of an independent and sovereign state to protect the rights of Muslims. They can live according to their religion. The Muslims came to the Indian subcontinent as a conqueror. After establishing their empires here, they showed great tolerance and did not humiliate the locals, and did not treat them as untouchables. India is the only country in the world where Muslims have ruled for eight hundred years, but they have neither forcibly converted Hindus nor interfered in their religious affairs. Stay Al-Biruni came to India a thousand years ago today. He is here In his controversial book on the situation, Kitab-ul-Hind, he writes, “Hindus and Muslims are completely different from each other. The main reason for this is that they are different from us in every way and the values And nations that are common to them are not in them. Many Hindu customs are also different from ours. In addition, their religion is different from ours and they do not believe in what we believe in. They call foreigners, including Muslims, militants and strictly forbid them from having relations with them. They do not marry them and do not sit together, do not eat, and do not have any kind of relationship. Prior to the Lahore Resolution, the Quaid-e-Azam had clearly written about the political future of India in the famous English weekly Time and Tide on March 9, 1940: “What is the political future of India? As far as the British government is concerned, it has declared its goal that IndiaAccording to the Minister of State for the West, India will soon be given the same freedom as any other member of the Commonwealth, and to that end, it wants to implement the kind of democratic constitution in India that it has experienced and that it does best. Understands The basic principle of this type of constitution is that whichever political party wins the election, the Annan government is in its hands. This intention may seem right, but it is very inappropriate given the specific and extraordinary circumstances of India. The point is that despite such a long experience of government in India, the UK is not well aware of the situation in this country, even most of the members of Parliament are completely unaware of this issue. And its people did not understand that a British-style parliamentary constitution was not appropriate for India at all. The British nation is truly a one-color and united nation and the style there Democracy is prevalent, it is based on the same national unity and unity, but the situation in India is very different and national unity is missing here. Therefore, British-style democracy is not at all suitable for this country. The main reason for India’s constitutional confusion is the insistence on the establishment of an unsuitable and unsuitable form of government. ”On March 22, 1940, at the famous Manto Park in Lahore, now called Iqbal Park, the Muslim League The meeting began. Four days before this, an unfortunate incident took place in Lahore. The Khaksars marched in violation of Section 144 and the Punjab government indiscriminately opened fire on them and martyred several Khaksars. Some people suggested to Quaid-e-Azam to postpone the meeting, but Quaid-e-Azam did not agree with his opinion and decided to hold the meeting on the scheduled date. This meeting of the Muslim League is historical Was very important and more than fifty thousand delegates from all over India attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. On this occasion, the Quaid-e-Azam delivered an impromptu sermon. In his long speech, the Quaid-e-Azam took a detailed look at the political situation in the country and gave details of his talks and reconciliation efforts with the Congress leaders.

The effects and blessings of piety

The Effects and Blessings of Taqwa Written by Malik Mumtaz Khan Burki. The meaning of taqwa is to avoid and fear, to avoid disbelief and shirk, and to avoid small and big sins by accepting faith and to be engaged in worship. All this comes under worship. Some of the elders say that piety is to avoid the punishment of Allah by following the command of Allah and to avoid disobedience. Taqwa is to abstain from all kinds of disobedience of Allah and all minor and major sins. Those who guard (against evil) follow the command of Allah and know that if we do anything wrong and disobey Allah’s command, we will be punished by Allah and we will be thrown into Hell. They will go and if they keep fearing Allah and keep obeying Allah’s command, they will get Paradise. In the Qur’an, Allah Almighty has instructed and fears Allah and understands well that Allah is the companion of those who fears Him in their hearts. The most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is the most pious of you. The Qur’an teaches piety with great emphasis and time and again. In the Qur’an, Allah has instructed and fear Allah and understands that Allah is the companion of those who fear Him. The meaning of Allah’s instruction in the family of Imran is: O you who believe, fear Allah as He should be feared, and obey Him till the end, in this state of piety, until you die in this state of obedience. He said in Taghaban, “Fear Allah and be pious.” In Surah Al-Hashr it is said: O you who believe! Fear Allah and be pious. My dear friends, it is clear from the Holy Qur’an that those who fear Allah and live a life of piety and abstinence, have the special bounty of Allah in this world as well, and may Allah help them greatly. In the same way, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Those who are closer to me and dearer to me are those who have the attribute of piety, whether they are from any nation or race and live in any country. Advice to one of Anah’s companions. Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) advised one of his companions Hazrat Saad ibn Abi Waqas (May Allah be pleased with him) to be pious to Allah. Blessings are received. The elders say that whoever wants to open the doors of blessings from heaven and earth. And make a way out of the affliction, and may Allah provide for him from where he does not expect. And may Allah forgive him his sins and increase his reward and make his deeds easy for him. May Allah Almighty love him and grant him salvation from every trouble Become one of the successful ones. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I enjoin you to be pious, for this piety is the most adornment and beautifier of all your deeds. Follow the will of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). May Allaah make us all pious. Amen

Fashionable hijab

Fashionable hijab.
(Columnist Wasi Ahmed)

Whenever I have to go out of the house, I often notice one thing, and that is what the young generation of today has made of the curtain, I do not understand what kind of curtain it is. Just a few days ago I went to a clinic, there was a lot of rush, so I took the number and sat on one side and started waiting for my turn, so two or three young girls also entered the clinic, wearing beautiful maxi- Like abaya, very active Beautiful work on the sleeves, neck, and sleeves,
A small scarf was wrapped around her head with great beauty and sophistication. A scarf adorned with jewels on top of the scarf on the left side of the head was so small that it could barely reach the throat just below the face. There was not even enough to cover the chest. The abaya was such that it was clear of all the ups and downs of the body. The scarf was worn only for beauty in which the face was also exposed.

Eyes as if they were eyebrows, red, mascara, liner, and lipstick on the lips, a wave of pain in the heart, such obscenity in the name of the veil, such a veil needs a veil itself. They also manage to cover their breasts but their chests are also open. The burqa is more than just a stylish, brand new design, embroidery, cutlery, pearls, jewels, full of colors, curtains, and hijab Fashions are being introduced that are making women more visible instead of covering them up. Even the unseen should be compelled to see. Hijab inviting every look,
when I see it, I feel only my heart, I wonder if this is the same veil that Allah has commanded us, our women also wear burqa and hijab. As adopted, beauty and beauty competition, the race to overtake each other, The desire to stand out from the crowd, the overriding passion for fashion, alas, alas, my esteemed sister. What path has it taken, this is the path that the devil has shown us by embellishing it in our eyes, that is it. You have the melody, be the highest, the adornment is unique, the fashion is unique, you are deceived by the beauty of appearance.

Think about what you think it is the veil Quran ordered the:

O Prophet! Ask your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers to hang their sheets over you. Thus, they are more likely to be recognized and not persecuted, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. The veil which the Qur’an commands is only to conceal the adornment of believing women, so that they may be recognized. Let it be said that these are noble Baha’i women, no one should look down on them, but what is happening in our society today in the name of veil and hijab, if it is not stopped, the veil itself will become a joke. What does it mean to wear a scarf, to attract the attention of others, the kind of abayas and scarves we have started to use, do they really meet the requirements of the veil, or did we? Has taken another adornment in the name of hijab,
What is the ultimate purpose of such a hijab? Who are we making happy? Whom do you want to impress? Just touch your hearts.

Are we doing this veil to please Allah? Is this veil fulfilling the requirements of our faith? The veil gives honor and greatness to a woman. Makes him respectable in the eyes of, makes him respected and respected among the people.

Protects him from the greedy eyes of non-mahram men. The veil protects the woman but the veil we are wearing today is fulfilling all these requirements. I have a polite and painful request to my Muslim sisters, to our society, to let the veil remain the veil. Don’t sacrifice desires and fashion, maintain your Islamic dignity, adopt simplicity, simplicity is part of faith, Fashion does not bring honor, Allah gives honor, correct your intentions, use loose fitting and simple hijab and burqa, keep in view the pleasure of Allah, cover up to fulfill the command of Allah, the commandments of religion Don’t make fun of, this four-day life was not found to fulfill your desires, this life is a test, it is a test, who is the best preparer for the hereafter, who values ​​the pleasure and happiness of his Lord and who The pursuit of the desires of the flesh runs blindly, life is not to be wasted in the same spectacle, it is a matter of thinking, what if we look very beautiful, what if we are at the forefront of the fashion race, we people Even if we got all this, what did we get? With death, everything has to end, world fame, fame, honor, everything has to stay here, and finally, man is alone. Where nothing is of any use except your good deeds. The wise one is the one who prepares for death before he dies. Allah Almighty has created a great paradise for His obedient servants. There are those blessings that no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, no heart has ever thought of them, let the Lord live in this world today, live the life you want in the Hereafter tomorrow. Allah Almighty granted the real requirements of the screen. Amen

The voice of conscience

Written and analyzed by Liaqat

The voice of conscience

Everyone has raised the dignity of a woman by setting up her own court. Doesn’t the one on the throne see all this? If he sets up a court, then all measures will fail.

Does any writer have proof that the police officers were captives of his henchmen? The police were blackmailed by making allegations against the senior police officers. He should be investigated.

If anyone has any proof, they should bring it to the notice of the senior police officers and inquire as to who is the real mastermind of the game.

Whoever made a mistake was punished, but where is the honor? Who has the proof? Are the words uttered for senior police officers correct?

No law-abiding citizen can support illegal work, but the way the issue is being raised, again and again, isn’t it someone’s personal order?

An FIR was registered under the Terrorism Act against a woman for soliciting her share.

Then it was necessary to write down the nature of the relationship of the top police officers with him. Who was behind the immorality of the top police officers should be investigated?

As well as scattering the headlines of journalism, one should take notice of the immorality of senior police officers. Does anyone have any proof?

What was the purpose of making this news an adornment of newsgroups, again and again, to discredit journalism or to appease the personal soul?

Does our religion allow someone’s sister or daughter to be associated with someone like this?

The way Sania Shah Rukh was repeatedly made a spectacle, along with journalism, the role of senior police officers who wrote or shared whether they have any evidence that those police officers were captives of her hair is a great shame. It is said that a woman’s honor was buried in this way

What is the guarantee that there is no corruption or extortion of any kind in the police station where the FIR was registered?

His access to senior police officers is not a bad thing. Every journalist can meet any police officer at any time. The reason why journalists become fake only after the FIR is lodged.

What is happening in police stations across Karachi, from a wheelbarrow dealer to a liquor store shop, everyone knows who takes extortion and why no cases are registered under the Terrorism Act.

Whenever a journalist is caught, he is disgraced and faces disgrace. Our own people have a big role to play in this. The day the journalists became one and we started fulfilling our duty as the fourth pillar of this country. So no one can point a finger at us

If any law enforcement agency recovers on its own, no one will dare to blackmail anyone. The roots of evils are some corrupt government black sheep.

If everyone speaks the truth knowing Allah is present and visible, then the servant should start correcting himself instead of pointing a finger at anyone.

The way a woman’s honor has been repeatedly raised, where is the justice when an FIR has been registered against her? Then it is not a good thing to tarnish her honor.

She will also be someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, someone’s daughter-in-law, someone’s spouse. What will happen to this family when we shoot arrows of inappropriate words?

Everybody knows who is doing what, where the police are making money from, how much beat or extortion of which police station, but the way this woman was punished by the court of her choice Don’t release it, to which no one will have the answer. If anyone has any concrete evidence of high-ranking police officers, he should present it, otherwise, this policy is also ours. He also has many sacrifices, not all of them are bad.

Learn how to walk on your own soil

(Columnist Faraz Qureshi)

The words of a handful of lunatics weighed heavily. I also fail to understand that the party which in its election campaign uses the slogan “Vote for yours” for its own writers in a literary gathering. How do you forget As a writer, the language and territory of a creator are secondary to me. A good writer is common to all, but what worries me is that M., who claims to be a representative body of Urdu speakers. QM Pakistan is ignoring the writers of its own city … If you don’t introduce your young writers to the world, who will? All the poets present on the stage in the recent mushaira organized under the auspices of MQM were respected by me but some were representing Lahore, some from Faisalabad, some from Taunsa, and some from Bahawalpur … and it seemed to me. Made on purpose … From the city of John Elia Jamal Ehsani and Saleem Ahmed, when you could not find a person to preside over the Mushaira, understand that the matter has gone too far. The matter is very bitter but there is no shame in saying that You will also lose some of your remaining reputation with the “selected” poems of … If you are a crow, you will remain a crow … If you follow the trick of laughter, you will also forget your trick … It was about to end that it seemed that the late poet Iqbal Azeem of my city has called me. When I listened intently, Iqbal Bhai said, “Say hello to your own people and say that Iqbal Azeem has given this gift to the Coordinating Committee. Learn how to walk on your own soil. If you walk on marble stones.” Will slip there is no shame in saying that with such “selected” polls you will lose some of your remaining reputations. If you are a crow, you will remain a crow … If you follow the trick of laughter, you will also forget your trick … It was about to end that it seemed that the late poet Iqbal Azeem of my city has called me. When I listened intently, Iqbal Bhai said, “Say hello to your own people and say that Iqbal Azeem has given this gift to the Coordinating Committee. Learn how to walk on your own soil. If you walk on marble stones.” Will slip There is no shame in saying that with such “selected” polls you will lose some of your remaining reputations.If you are a crow, you will remain a crow … If you follow the trick of laughter, you will also forget your trick … It was about to end that it seemed that the late poet Iqbal Azeem of my city has called me. When I listened intently, Iqbal Bhai said, “Say hello to your own people and say that Iqbal Azeem has given this gift to the Coordinating Committee. Learn how to walk on your own soil. If you walk on marble stones.”

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