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Kashmir Ki Ahmiat or aazadi

This is what every servant thinks.

Pakistan Wazir-e-Aazam

(Pakistani Prime Minister, just don’t worry)
(Columnist Muhammad Wasi)

It is a matter of old times. When a king of peace heard the sounds of wolves at night, he asked the ministers in the morning that these wolves were making a lot of noise at night. Yes, the ministers of that time were wise.

He said, “Sir, there will be a shortage of food and drink, so we are complaining.”
So the ruler of the time ordered that they are arranged. The minister sent some goods home and distributed them among some relatives and friends.
The next night, the voices came again. In the morning, the king said to the minister, “Didn’t you send the goods yesterday?”
The king said, “Then why the noise?
The minister said, “Sir, you are making noise because of the cold.”
So the king ordered that the beds be made.
In the morning, the waves started again. As usual, some beds were sent home and some were distributed among relatives and friends.
When night came again, voices began to come.
So the king became angry and at the same time called the minister to see if the beds had not been arranged. The minister said, “Sir, all that has happened.” The king said, “Then why this noise? The minister must now satisfy the king. “It was
And OK had to report.
So he went out to find out.
When he came back,
The king was glad to hear this and rewarded the minister.
Now, this is also the case of our Prime Minister.
The people are worried about inflation. But the report is being given here. And the king is happy.
And they are telling the people not to panic

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