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Kashmir Ki Ahmiat or aazadi

This is what every servant thinks.

This is what every servant thinks

(This is what every servant thinks)
(Columnist Wasi Ahmed)
This is what every servant thinks nowadays. Nothing will change with my good thinking. This is a country built on the basis of words. Pakistan is a country in which 99% of the population is Muslim. There are no such heartbreaking incidents in any country in the world, even in countries that have not become independent. Such incidents do not happen in Pakistan of this Islamic country. Three or four or four-year-old children are being abused. Then on the day of the murder, the incidents of rape are not happening in the Islamic country and all these incidents happened with poor people. Have you ever heard that something like this happened with the daughter or son of a rich person? They used to believe that real life has to start after death. Where does a Muslim stand today? The market of bribery is active in all the institutions of the country. One institution should be told to be free from corruption. The law is different for the poor and different for the rich. Some of the best-selling journalists who still have humanity in them keep on informing the facts, but this truth of theirs overwhelms them. Even in this advanced age, The realization is gone that our future generations, whom we have brought to this place of destruction, will be slaves at birth. Will they ever be able to forgive us? Would the rich rule such a country? The entire Pakistani people know that all the rich politicians who are sitting have sucked the blood of us and our children. Then these rich people, God willing, this country needs a revolution. History shows that the subcontinent is infertile Yes, we are always waiting for foreign invaders, sometimes Ghauri, sometimes Ghaznavi, not national thinking or revolutionary thinking in Khmer because we are now nominally Muslims, for jihad we are always fighting. Arend, they are ready to die. What kind of jihad will these people do who cannot raise their voice for their rights? What kind of jihad will they do? The words are very bitter and based on reality. Take care of yourself and your next generation from your mobile.

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