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Zindagi ki Haqiqat

By: Hafiz Mohammad Noman

Title: The Reality of Life

When Allah Almighty wants to take something from someone, He makes it easy for him. Is that true?

Arif’s party had just begun when a gentleman posed his question. Arif looked at them with a smile and said:
Yes, it is true that when Allah Almighty wants to take something from someone, He makes it easy for him. But this is a matter of creation. God’s decision. He has wisdom. I would like to draw your attention to one more big thing which has to do with me and you and our reward in the hereafter.

Arif paused for a moment and watched the question mark on people’s faces deepen.
That is, the highest reward with Allah is for that which is not easy but that which is difficult. Remember that the work we do in our comfort zone is always rewarded, no matter how big. But the work we do outside of our comfort zone, no matter how small, is very rewarding.

Explain the comfort zone a little more, one gentleman asked.

“Look, there are many things in terms of our mood, tastes, temperament, circumstances, and background that are easy for us to do from the beginning or happen at some point in life. For example, those who are rich have so much money that Spending a million rupees is not a big problem. But even ten thousand is a big deal for a poor person. Similarly, a student has a lot of time. But it is very difficult for a person who is busy with business and home responsibilities to find time for a good deed.

Another example of this is the faith of the Companions. Believing in them was like stepping out of the comfort zone, whereas today faith is a birthright for us and for you and our comfort zone. Therefore, it is the way of Allah Almighty that some similar comfort zones are created for every person. Doing something out of the comfort zone will always be more rewarding than doing good to them. So if you want to increase the reward, make it a habit to get out of your comfort zone and do something good whenever the opportunity arises. His reward is great. Spending in hardship, drinking in anger, taking time for good in busyness is a great reward. Get in the habit of doing such good deeds.

“But is there any way to increase the reward for the good deeds of the comfort zone?”, Another gentleman asked. Arif shook his head and said:
“Absolutely. Think small of every comfort zone. Allah will increase his reward. But it is not easy. It is human nature to value one’s goodness. That is the difficulty of this path. However, if you overcome this difficulty; Great good is small, more spending is less, hard work is less and high effort is despised, then there is a great reward for you here too.

Arif’s talk is over. Today people have learned how to earn more in ease and how to get God’s mercy even inconvenience.

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